Give yourself the gift of coaching… exactly when you need it (again and again!)

Tap into your inner power with Mia's support, wisdom, and encouragement!

Cultivating Inner Power is a self-paced coaching program designed to help you continue your work in justice and equity in ways that sustain YOU.

We’ll dive deep into 4 main areas of focus.

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Step into your power to SUSTAIN your work in justice & equity

Together we’ll explore these 4 topics through short, video lectures and a growing list of action-oriented resources…

  • Setting boundaries

  • Caring for your whole self

  • Managing your time

  • Leading with confidence

What You Can Expect

from Cultivating Inner Power

  • Time Commitment

    Take at your own pace. We recommend setting aside 1 hour each day for 4 days.

  • Video Lessons

    Enjoy short, recorded videos that offer examples, prompts, and encouragement.

  • workbook

    Download and print your workbook OR fill in your responses digitally and save to your device.

  • Resource lists

    Get access to our lists of multimedia resources and extend your learning within each topic.

  • Live Support Options

    Chat with Mia via group Zoom each month. Receive the option to meet with Mia 1:1 (see details below).

  • Closed Captioning

    Watch and listen to the videos, or read the captions. All videos have a closed captioning option for greater accessibility.

Course flow

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    Setting Boundaries

  • 3

    Caring for Self

    • Caring for Self

    • Well + Being - Take Time To

    • RESOURCES: Caring for Self

    • JOURNAL: Caring for Self

  • 4

    Managing Time

    • Managing Time

    • RESOURCES: Managing Time

    • JOURNAL: Managing Time

  • 5

    Leading with Confidence

    • Leading with Confidence

    • RESOURCES: Leading with Confidence

    • "Still I Rise" recited by Maya Angelou

    • JOURNAL: Leading with Confidence

  • 6

    Reflection: Moving Forward

    • Final Reflections

    • WORKBOOK: Cultivating Inner Power

    • Before You Go Survey

Meet Your Instructor!

Instructor | Facilitator

Mia Henry

Mia Henry (she|her) is a nationally-recognized trainer, facilitator, and leadership coach. She is the CEO of Freedom Lifted, a company that provides trainings for organizations grounded in justice and equity. Previously, Mia was a founding director of the Chicago Freedom School and the executive director of the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. She has degrees from Rutgers University and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as knowledge passed down from beloved family members and ancestors, extensive travel, and collaborative relationships with communities across the US.

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